Real girls, like you.

lock me up, throw away the key. January 8, 2010


4 Responses to “lock me up, throw away the key.”

  1. anonymousana Says:

    Hi there! You’ve got quite a collection of thinspiration here ;) I was just looking around at other blogs about anorexia and eating disorders. I’m working on setting up an awesome new internet support community–you can find out more about it at my blog, if you’re interested. I will also be writing more personal blog entries and helpful articles too. I hope to be able to network with other bloggers like yourself. I wish you happiness and success with all your goals :)

    ~ anonymous ana ~

  2. karnii Says:

    i love the one of the girl doing the handstand. great thinspo! :)

  3. Love your pictures :D they are so thinspirational :D great thispo.

  4. pro ana Says:

    nice colection :D love this thispo pics

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